LED Applications

Luxe LED Lighting products have a far longer life span than the traditional incandescent light sources, and significantly cut energy costs. Our low-heat emitting LED products contain no hazardous metals or chemicals and are fully bio-degradable, which are only a few of the many advantages they provide over the alternative light sources.

Commercial & Industrial

 Luxe LED Lighting products provide a number of important advantages over the traditional incandescent, fluorescent and halogen light sources they directly replace. In addition to far longer life, easier installation and substantial savings in energy cost, these LED based products turn on instantly with no warm-up time and provide bright glare-free illumination. Low heat emission from the light source also reduces air conditioning load and leads to further energy savings.


Luxe LED Lighting offers a wide selection of products for use in educational facilities ranging from classrooms and hallways to gymnasiums, stairwells and outdoor stadium illumination. Light your way with recessed downlight, surface, pendant, and wall mount products.

Fruit, Vegetable and Meat Displays

 Luxe LED Lighting provides a variety of LED lighting fixtures to most aesthetically and efficiently showcases the diverse assortment of grocery products available at food retailers. Our T5 tube is ideal for supermarket installation as it is WATERPROOF and best accentuates the features of the supermarket merchandise. The high CRI of our LED tubes ensures accuracy of color presentation and complements the appeal of the overall display. Since LED light sources emit significantly less heat, refrigeration load is reduced, resulting in further energy savings. Lower surface temperatures increase food safety and improve shelf life of perishable products.

Clothing and Fashion Shops

  Luxe LED lighting carries a number of different LED fixtures that are ideal for creating chic and artistic displays of clothing and merchandise. The flexibility of our various lights make it simple to adjust light levels and color temperatures to best highlight the aesthetic of the merchandise. The high CRI ensures color accuracy of the product displays and the reduced heat emission of the lamps helps non colorfast materials preserve their appearance longer.


 Luxe LED light bulbs most efficiently replace essentially every type of incandescent bulbs traditionally used in residential applications. Our LED fixtures can provide energy savings as high as 90%, and can elegantly illuminate many different spaces such as bedrooms, kitchens, living rooms, and hallways.